Bartra Wealth Advisors have a limited number of final Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) approved investment slots available, with a restricted quota and timeframe. These slots are open to clients who have an immediate intention to apply for the IIP. Contact us now to secure your opportunity.


Bartra’s IIP, ­A Sure Investment

Bartra’s IIP, ­A Sure Investment

Hong Kong and China are important sources of Foreign Direct Investment for Ireland. Highly respected businesses such as Bartra have been instrumental in building this relationship over many years.  While Hong Kong and Chinese investment into the US and mainland Europe reached a nine year low in 2019, investment in Ireland in the twelve months grew by 56% per cent to $150 million. This interest in Ireland is a direct result of a long period of Government and business relationship building between the countries.

Indeed, Richard Barrett, the Founder of Bartra, has spent the past 3 decades engaging in premium, high specification, large scale projects in Ireland, Hong Kong and China. In doing so he has been the initiator of a vast network of investment opportunity that has brought Irish Investors to Asia, and similarly brought Asian investors to Ireland.  This mutually beneficial network has laid the foundations for much of Bartra’s current portfolio across the social housing, healthcare and renewable energy sectors.

Bartra partners with the Irish Government Investor Incentive Programme to facilitate, in a structured and secure way, investment in social housing and healthcare projects in Ireland. The IIP also provides the opportunity for investors, and their families, to reside in a country that has one of the highest quality of life standards in the world. Come join us, you will be most welcome!