Bartra Wealth Advisors have a limited number of final Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) approved investment slots available, with a restricted quota and timeframe. These slots are open to clients who have an immediate intention to apply for the IIP. Contact us now to secure your opportunity.


Who are Bartra?

Who are Bartra?



Bartra Property Group is the “on the ground” team in Ireland that is responsible for sourcing and delivering successful investment projects for our IIP investors. We target areas where we believe there is the least risk to our investors. Therefore we in Bartra invest your money in areas where there is an Irish government backed covenant principally investing your money in nursing homes and social housing.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of over 35 people with just under €1.1billion of property at various stages of developemnet from management to development. Our investments cover all aspects of property in Ireland from Commercial Real Estate to Nursing Homes to Social Housing to renewable energy.

The 6 members of our senior management team in Bartra have almost 200 years of experience in property in Ireland and internationally.

Over the last 3 years we have sourced €310m of IIP property related projects in the Social Housing and Nursing Home space. As of May-2020 we have over:

  • 435 social homes under way with a value of more than €130m
  • And we are also building 823 Nursing Home beds across 6 nursing home sites with a value of more than €180m

Bartra Property Group have all the skills inhouse needed to complete these complex developments removing almost all of the risk to our IIP investors. These skills include legal, financing, construction, taxation and planning. Our skill set also includes the operational skills required for nursing homes and social housing from the clinical care aspects to property management.

We are very appreciative of the trust you place in us when you invest with Bartra and we would like you to know that we will deliver for you.