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Healthcare in Ireland

Healthcare in Ireland

The healthcare system in Ireland is internationally recognised as a comprehensive system, firstly with a public health service funded by the government and secondly with an expanding private health care service. There are forty eight public hospitals and twenty one private hospitals in total. The Irish system has been recognised globally for its successful management of the coronavirus pandemic. Irish case numbers per thousand are significantly below those of other major European countries, including our neighbours the United Kingdom.

Ireland is one of the leading destination for pharmaceutical activity in the world our public and private hospitals have consistently built an unparalleled reputation in new high-tech surgical procedures, medical treatments, and ground-breaking diagnostics. Overall patient outcomes in Ireland are very positive. This reputation means that some of the best international and national consultants work in Irish Healthcare. A large number of hospitals have been recognised by the Joint Commission International (JCI) which accredits hospitals that have raised safety and quality of care standards to the highest levels.