On Tuesday 14 February, the Irish government announced the closure of the Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP). IIP applications via approved projects may be granted a grace period of three months to submit the finalised application. Any interest in IIP is the last chance and would have to apply on an urgent and immediate basis or the programme will no longer be available. Contact us now.

Bartra Wealth Advisors opens new office in Shanghai

Bartra Wealth Advisors celebrated the grand opening of a new office in Shanghai on 27 August with a well-attended ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The new office, located in Wheelock Square, the newest and tallest building in Puxi, Shanghai, exudes a certain Irish charm in its chic aesthetics, reflecting the enchanting nation at the core of Bartra Wealth Advisors’ business.

At the ceremony, James Hartshorn, CEO and Co-founder of Bartra Wealth Advisors, made a speech expressing his heartfelt gratitude to clients and partners for their ongoing support and reviewing the achievements of Bartra over the last five years.

“Looking back, Bartra has always provided investors with the best projects in the market with minimal risks. We also established a local landing team in Ireland to provide one-stop landing services. Bartra Wealth Advisors will not forget why we started. Going forward, we will continue to provide first-class investment projects and services and work hard to create a better life for our customers.”

In attendance at the event was Ms Wendy Dorman-Smith, Consul General of Ireland in Shanghai (second from right), who cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the new office alongside James Hartshorn, Sales Director Ian Che, and Head of Operations Daniel Hinds.

Richard Barrett, Founder of Bartra Group; Peter Yang, representative of the Department of Education of Ireland; Kathy Zhai, Chief Admissions Officer of Trinity College Dublin; and Robin Xie, founder of Ambright Education Group, among other guests, recorded and sent virtual blessings in celebration of the opening.

Chinese media were also in attendance at the opening ceremony and James Hartshorn was interviewed by Yicai, Phoenix New Media and iQiyi.

In addition, seasoned whiskey sommeliers from Jameson, a renowned spirits brand in Ireland, presented a unique whiskey tasting session in the new space for guests, showcasing the various flavours of whiskey including dried bananas, fresh bananas, figs and sweet osmanthus.

Ireland has always been recognised as a global leader in the education sector, but its buoyant economic growth in the past seven years has also attracted worldwide attention. Ireland was the only EU member state that maintained economic growth amid the global pandemic in 2020. Known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, it is home to the European headquarters of many tech giants including Facebook, Apple and Google. It also serves as a gateway to the European market for Chinese companies such as Huawei and ByteDance (TikTok’s owner), which recently established a presence in Ireland.

As a subsidiary of Ireland’s leading property developer Bartra Group, Bartra Wealth Advisors specialises in offering streamlined, end-to-end Irish investment immigration services. With our extensive experience and expertise in real estate and investment, we provide reliable and safe investment options for HNW families considering immigrating to Ireland.

5-year growth journey

In Ireland, solving the shortage of social housing and nursing homes is the country’s top priority. With an abundance of experience and expertise in real estate and investment, Bartra offers high-quality social housing and nursing home IIP projects for families who want to immigrate to Ireland.

Bartra has secured a large number of lots in Dublin in recent years. Three nursing homes have been completed and begun operation, including Loughshinny, Beaumont, Ireland’s largest private nursing home, and Northwood, which is located in the heart of the city, with a standard of care that recognises residents’ needs for privacy, independence and choice dignity.

Bartra Group is committed to making people’s lives better and hopes to improve the lives of local people through such social infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, Bartra also provides investors with opportunities to directly invest in high-quality nursing homes and social housing projects, and to achieve “one person invests, the whole family obtains EU residency”. To date, Bartra has helped more than 350 families immigrate to Ireland and has maintained a 100% approval rate and 100% renewal rate. In the future, we will continue to endeavour to create a better future for our customers.