Bartra Wealth Advisors have a limited number of final Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) approved investment slots available, with a restricted quota and timeframe. These slots are open to clients who have an immediate intention to apply for the IIP. Contact us now to secure your opportunity.

IIP renewal update: now you can renew your IRP card without travelling to Ireland

In September, Bartra Wealth Advisors received more than 40 renewal permission letters from the Irish government. Each of which will allow our IIP clients to remain in Ireland and continue their new Irish journey. More than 10 groups of families (including IIP clients who have already settled in Ireland or who have recently entered the country) have submitted renewal applications for Irish Residence Permit (IRP) cards with the help of our local Landing Services team. However, a frequently asked question from our clients is: if I need to register in person, how can I renew my IRP card during the current travel restrictions?

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In the past, it was stated on the government’s website that online renewal applications for the IRP card are only applicable to the investors and family members living in Ireland; for those who are living outside of the country, if they want to apply for a renewal, they need to travel to Ireland and attend an appointment in-person. In view of the global pandemic and travel restrictions, many families would therefore choose to delay their IRP renewal application.

Understanding the difficulty this was causing our clients, Bartra initiated and deliberately asked the Registration Office whether the online IRP card renewal may now apply to the investors who do not live in Ireland. Thankfully, we are pleased to hear back from them, and we can announce that there are indeed some flexibilities:

If you meet the following conditions, you can renew your IRP card without going to Ireland.

1. You have received your renewal permission letter
2. You have landed in Ireland before and applied for an IRP card
3. You have not changed the passport since the first landing and registration
4. (Recommended) The current passport is valid for more than 3 years (otherwise it can only apply for less than 3 years validity period for your IRP card)

It is worth noting that those who have not registered for the first time and provided fingerprints cannot renew their residency permit online.

So, do you meet the above requirements? If you do, congratulations! You can simply register your IRP card renewal online or let us know if you need help. If you do not fulfil the requirements, don’t worry. You can still choose to extend your permit and pick a suitable time to travel to Ireland to apply for the IRP card renewal as well as the Re-entry visa for children under 16 at the registration office with a valid permit letter. Bartra Landing Services team can make appointments for you in advance at your convenience and walk you through the entire process.

Comments: Bartra welcomes this change to the IRP renewals process. This will allow the resumption of IRP renewals, without the need for landing requirements and an in-person appointment.

This removes the challenges of non-EEA nationals in travelling in and out of the country during travel restrictions and in booking an IRP appointment at the Registration Office. It should create more available appointments for first-time registrants. This will be a welcome change given the Covid-19 restrictions.

It may also help with the applications backlog as a result of the earlier office closures and the delays for non-EEA nationals in receiving back their renewal IRP cards or passports.

This change will not affect non-EEA nationals who have not yet registered and received their first IRP card in Ireland; such individuals will still need to book and attend an in-person appointment.

We will keep you updated on any ongoing changes for applications or registrations. Meanwhile, the team is handling the online renewal applications for our local clients.

Bartra Wealth Advisors prides itself on delivering streamlined, in-group, end-to-end services. Its unique business model supports clients throughout their investment and immigration journey, from immigration advisory and government backed IIP projects through to successful investment exits. It maintains a 100% application approval rate and renewal rate.

Irish immigration is on-demand, Bartra raised €6 million through the IIP in the two weeks prior to the official launch of Phase V nursing home Cookstown Tallaght

Hong Kong, 20 October 2021 – The developer behind a portfolio of four purpose-built, premium nursing homes costing €127m (HKD1.15bn) in Ireland is expanding its healthcare business to provide more much-needed nursing home beds and is well-positioned to fundraise the construction costs from Asia investors through the Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP).

Bartra Healthcare, a subsidiary of Bartra Group, is adding Cookstown Tallaght, a €33m nursing home project (Phase Five) in South Dublin to its portfolio. The Group’s subsidiary, Bartra Wealth Advisors launched the project globally on 15 October to its IIP clients across Hong Kong and Shanghai in China, and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, and managed to snap up €6m in two weeks at the project ‘pre-launch’ stage.

James Hartshorn, CEO and Co-founder of Bartra Wealth Advisors commented, “We are glad to see our hard work has paid off. Many high-net-worth clients in Asia would like to immigrate to Ireland and they are confident in the IIP and Bartra’s nursing home projects on four fronts. Firstly, Ireland is a rising star in Europe where it provides excellent education to children, which leads to good future job prospects as a result of its growing economy as well as opportunities in EU countries, the UK and the US. Secondly, the IIP provides fast track permanent residency status with great flexibility on residing requirements as applicants can immigrate without relocating. Thirdly, our integrated business model makes our clients feel safe. We are the only nursing home developer in the Irish healthcare sector to source, build and manage projects from start to finish as well as provide clinical care premium services. In Hong Kong and other major cities in China, and in Vietnam, we provide our clients with direct investment opportunities into our IIP projects including nursing homes. Finally, all the nursing home projects are carefully sourced and built in key Dublin urban locations where they benefit from excellent transport links and proximity to major hospitals. These locations have a high demand for nursing home beds and the projects are built to meet the highest Irish Government (HIQA) and EU standards, qualifying Bartra Healthcare homes for government supported revenue models. Investing in our projects is not only very safe, but also capital guaranteed with a 4% annual interest rate, all factors favoured by our Asian clients.”

Cookstown Tallaght nursing home launch and Irish immigration seminar in Bartra Wealth Advisors’ Hong Kong office, presented by Jeffrey Ling, Regional Director.

Cookstown Tallaght launch event in Shanghai, presented by James Hartshorn, CEO and Co-founder and Charlie Shi, China Sales Director.

Cookstown Tallaght launch webinar in Vietnam, presented by Head of Country, Jenny Dang and Head of Operations, Daniel Hinds.

Ireland has become an on-demand immigration hotspot in Asia as an alternative to the UK, the US and other English-speaking countries. Affluent families are drawn to its outstanding quality of education and living standards as well as its accessibility to the EU and the UK (under the CTA Agreement), strong transport links to Europe and the US, and strong economic growth that perennially puts Ireland ahead of its European peers. Many industries such as pharmaceuticals, innovation and technology, and the financial sectors are fast-growing, with more foreign companies coming into Ireland to set up European headquarters and ensuring a thriving job market. All these factors make Ireland one of the world’s immigration hotspots.

Additionally in Ireland, the Irish nursing home sector is facing a major shortage of beds thanks to years of under-investment following the recession in 2008. Because of this lack of beds, and coupled with Ireland’s ageing population where more than 15% of the population is now aged over 65, the demand for nursing home facilities is huge. CBRE’s 2021 report outlined that Ireland needs to build an extra 15 thousand nursing home beds over the next nine years to service this growing elderly population.

This has led the Irish government to prioritise IIP investment in the delivery of critically needed nursing home accommodation. In Ireland, the Health Service Executive (“HSE”) also supports the private nursing home sector through the Irish Government’s Nursing Home Support Scheme (also known as the “Fair Deal Scheme”) which provides approximately 80% of the income for private nursing homes.

Bartra acquired a 1.14-hectare (2.82 acres) site at Cookstown, Dublin 24

Bartra Healthcare was established in response to the acute and high demand for nursing home care in Ireland and is on course to become the largest private-sector provider with a portfolio of over 1,000 beds across at least 10 nursing homes. Bartra Healthcare has four projects in its nursing home portfolio, three of which are already in operation, while construction is ongoing on the fourth home, providing a total of 608 beds and costing approximately €127m. The latest project, Cookstown Tallaght in South Dublin, will provide a 131-bed nursing home, together with a pharmacy and cafe, and is expected to commence construction in 2022. The site is located in the heart of Tallaght, a thriving urban hub with a population of 80,000 making it one of Dublin’s largest suburbs, where it also benefits from excellent transport links – the Belgard Luas light rail station is just 250 metres away, providing access for both staff and the families of residents. It also boasts proximity to major hospitals, including Tallaght University Hospital, Ireland’s leading academic teaching hospital, which is less than a kilometre away, and St James’s Hospital, just 8km away.

The total cost of the latest project is approximately €33m and Bartra is seeking €20m investor loans (5-year term, 4% annual interest) from IIP applicants to fund construction. In the two weeks prior to the official launch on 15 October, €6m was secured from IIP investors in Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City managed by Bartra’s immigration arm Bartra Wealth Advisors.

Jeffrey Ling, Bartra Wealth Advisors Regional Director commented on the advantages of Bartra’s IIP nursing home projects during a Hong Kong seminar: “We are the only group that integrates development, operation and management in the IIP, run and managed by a dedicated division – Bartra Healthcare. Bartra’s nursing homes are safe, authorised and much-needed projects in Ireland, and they have a state-backed revenue steam. We are committed to the home quality and to providing our clients principal repayment and 4% interest per annum. The scheme is extremely popular among our Hong Kong clients, who said they can use the 20% interest obtained at maturity, which is circa HK$2 million, to pay their children’s education fees or to buy property in Ireland.”

About Bartra Wealth Advisors

Bartra Wealth Advisors (Bartra) is a subsidiary company of Ireland’s most successful real estate developer Bartra Group, specialising in providing independent Irish immigration investment advisory services. With well-established business, extensive Irish immigration experience, expertise in the investment field, professional landing teams and strong business network support, Bartra Group has successfully carried out a significant number of social housing and nursing home IIP (Immigrant Investor Programme) projects and has helped hundreds of families successfully immigrate to Ireland.

Bartra Wealth Advisors prides itself on delivering streamlined, in-group, end-to-end services. Its unique business model supports clients throughout their investment and immigration journey, from immigration advisory and government backed IIP projects through to exit executions. It maintains a 100% application approval rate and a 100% renewal rate.

Bartra Insight

Bartra Wealth Advisors opens new office in Shanghai

Bartra Wealth Advisors celebrated the grand opening of a new office in Shanghai on 27 August with a well-attended ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The new office, located in Wheelock Square, the newest and tallest building in Puxi, Shanghai, exudes a certain Irish charm in its chic aesthetics, reflecting the enchanting nation at the core of Bartra Wealth Advisors’ business.

At the ceremony, James Hartshorn, CEO and Co-founder of Bartra Wealth Advisors, made a speech expressing his heartfelt gratitude to clients and partners for their ongoing support and reviewing the achievements of Bartra over the last five years.

“Looking back, Bartra has always provided investors with the best projects in the market with minimal risks. We also established a local landing team in Ireland to provide one-stop landing services. Bartra Wealth Advisors will not forget why we started. Going forward, we will continue to provide first-class investment projects and services and work hard to create a better life for our customers.”

In attendance at the event was Ms Wendy Dorman-Smith, Consul General of Ireland in Shanghai (second from right), who cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the new office alongside James Hartshorn, Sales Director Ian Che, and Head of Operations Daniel Hinds.

Richard Barrett, Founder of Bartra Group; Peter Yang, representative of the Department of Education of Ireland; Kathy Zhai, Chief Admissions Officer of Trinity College Dublin; and Robin Xie, founder of Ambright Education Group, among other guests, recorded and sent virtual blessings in celebration of the opening.

Chinese media were also in attendance at the opening ceremony and James Hartshorn was interviewed by Yicai, Phoenix New Media and iQiyi.

In addition, seasoned whiskey sommeliers from Jameson, a renowned spirits brand in Ireland, presented a unique whiskey tasting session in the new space for guests, showcasing the various flavours of whiskey including dried bananas, fresh bananas, figs and sweet osmanthus.

Ireland has always been recognised as a global leader in the education sector, but its buoyant economic growth in the past seven years has also attracted worldwide attention. Ireland was the only EU member state that maintained economic growth amid the global pandemic in 2020. Known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, it is home to the European headquarters of many tech giants including Facebook, Apple and Google. It also serves as a gateway to the European market for Chinese companies such as Huawei and ByteDance (TikTok’s owner), which recently established a presence in Ireland.

As a subsidiary of Ireland’s leading property developer Bartra Group, Bartra Wealth Advisors specialises in offering streamlined, end-to-end Irish investment immigration services. With our extensive experience and expertise in real estate and investment, we provide reliable and safe investment options for HNW families considering immigrating to Ireland.

5-year growth journey

In Ireland, solving the shortage of social housing and nursing homes is the country’s top priority. With an abundance of experience and expertise in real estate and investment, Bartra offers high-quality social housing and nursing home IIP projects for families who want to immigrate to Ireland.

Bartra has secured a large number of lots in Dublin in recent years. Three nursing homes have been completed and begun operation, including Loughshinny, Beaumont, Ireland’s largest private nursing home, and Northwood, which is located in the heart of the city, with a standard of care that recognises residents’ needs for privacy, independence and choice dignity.

Bartra Group is committed to making people’s lives better and hopes to improve the lives of local people through such social infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, Bartra also provides investors with opportunities to directly invest in high-quality nursing homes and social housing projects, and to achieve “one person invests, the whole family obtains EU residency”. To date, Bartra has helped more than 350 families immigrate to Ireland and has maintained a 100% approval rate and 100% renewal rate. In the future, we will continue to endeavour to create a better future for our customers.

Immigration to Ireland records a sharp rise – Bartra raised HK$200 million from Immigrant Investor Programme since start of 2021

Hong Kong, 1 September 2021 – Bartra Wealth Advisors, a subsidiary of Ireland’s leading real estate developer Bartra Group and the first Irish developer providing direct Irish immigration investment advisory in Hong Kong, participated in the 2nd International Immigration and Property Expo from 28-29 August 2021. Over 16,000 visitors attended the expo, an increase of approximately 40% compared to the last event in March this year, representing a significant rise in the public’s interest in immigration. A number of talks and briefing sessions were held in the exhibition to introduce the ways and advantages of investment immigration to Ireland to the public. During the expo, Bartra received onsite enquiries from more than 200 clients.

This year, Bartra has processed approximately 20 applications for Ireland’s Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP), amounting to a total investment of about HK$200 million. Among them, 4 applicants originally intended to immigrate to the UK through the BN(O) scheme, but finally decided to apply for Ireland’s IIP instead. Jeffrey Ling, Bartra Wealth Advisors Regional Director, said, “Some clients applied for Ireland’s IIP to obtain a safety net when applying for immigration to the UK through the BN(O) scheme. It was mainly because Ireland is close to the UK (about an hour flight) and it is an English-speaking country. Irish citizens not only can access the UK under the Common Travel Area (CTA) Agreement, they can also access 27 European Union countries as its member state. Moreover, due to the high residing flexibility in Ireland’s IIP scheme, Ireland’s IIP applicants are only required to enter the country once and stay for one day every year to retain their PR status and the right to abode.”

Currently, applicants to the BN(O) scheme are not entitled to Public Funds, they are also not able to fully access the public health and educational systems in the UK. Moreover, a large number of commercial and financial institutions have moved their European headquarters out of the UK after Brexit, including Barclays and HSBC Holdings Plc., increasing uncertainties for the employment prospects for applicants to the UK. Ireland, as a member state of the European Union, appeals to clients who also applied to Ireland’s IIP for protection. In addition, since the HKSAR government has ceased to recognize the BN(O) passport as a valid travel document and identity proof since January 2021, Hong Kong citizens are concerned that they may not be able to apply for the early withdrawal from the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) scheme through their BN(O) passports or the related visa applications.

Bartra has noticed that the desire of Hong Kong families to emigrate has increased sharply lately, and today Ireland is becoming one of the most popular destinations for immigration. In the first half of 2021, the monthly average search volume of “IrishImmigration” in Chinese reached approximately 1,000 searches. Furthermore, Bartra’s 20 successful applications to Ireland’s IIP this year, represents a significant increase from the 50 cases in the 17-month period from August 2019 to the end of 2020. Traditionally most Hong Kong emigrants have chosen English-speaking countries in Europe and North America as their destinations, explaining the considerable appeal of immigration to Ireland to Hong Kong people where English is the spoken language of the majority as well as the dominant business language.

Immigration to Ireland through the IIP is fast tracked and flexible. It takes about 6 months for approval. Applicants are only required to reside one day per year in Ireland to maintain their residency; in other words, they can obtain a foreign residency without relocating and freely decide when to become a tax resident. In addition, Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the European Union, which presents fewer language barriers for Hong Kong emigrants. The accompanying children of IIP applicants to Ireland can also enjoy Ireland’s free education and free choice of schools. The Irish education system is among the top globally, ranking seventh in the world. In addition, Hong Kong families are often pleasantly surprised when they discover Ireland is part of the Common Travel Area (CTA), which allows Irish Citizens to live and work in the United Kingdom’

Bartra commands unrivalled creditability in Irish immigration consultancy services. This year marks the fifth anniversary of Bartra’s establishment in Asia. The offices of Bartra in the Asian region are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Vietnam – together they have processed more than 350 successful cases. Apart from serving local clients, Bartra also serves clients from Taiwan, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Macau, the United States, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates, proving its wealth of experience.

The Social Housing and Nursing Home projects Bartra offers to IIP clients for obtaining permanent residency in Ireland can be achieved in three or five years (4% flat annual interest rate for the 5-year option), and both guarantee 100% investment capital protection. They each have an approval and renewal rate of 100%. Apart from cash, for asset value proof, IIP applicants can use stocks, funds, cash value of insurance policies, properties, or even parking spaces, valuable paintings or collectables etc. Applicants can also choose to use wealth management services to cash out for their investment into IIP.  Some clients will seek advice from financial services to pledge/refinance their assets to fund investment immigration in the current low-interest environment so as to obtain residency without disposing their existing investments.

bartra team photo

The professional team of Bartra Wealth Advisors provided onsite Irish immigration consulting services at the “2nd International Immigration and Property Expo”.

immi expo talk

Bartra Wealth Advisors recently held small seminars on Irish immigration in the “2nd Hong Kong International Immigration and Property Expo” at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, which was well received by the public.

About Bartra Wealth Advisors

Bartra Wealth Advisors (Bartra) is a subsidiary company of Ireland’s most successful real estate developer Bartra Group, specialising in providing independent Irish immigration investment advisory services. With well-established business, extensive Irish immigration experience, expertise in the investment field, professional landing teams and strong business network support, Bartra Group has successfully carried out a significant number of social housing and nursing home IIP (Immigrant Investor Programme) projects and has helped hundreds of families successfully immigrate to Ireland.

Bartra Wealth Advisors prides itself on delivering streamlined, in-group, end-to-end services. Its unique business model supports clients throughout their investment and immigration journey, from immigration advisory and government backed IIP projects through to exit executions. It maintains a 100% application approval rate and a 100% renewal rate.

Bartra Insight

Bartra Wealth Advisors honoured at the Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2020

From left to right: Business Development Manager Alan Lau, Regional Director Jeffrey Ling, and Marketing Director Jay Cheung.

Bartra Wealth Advisors was named Outstanding Ireland Immigration Advisory & Immigrant Investor Programme at the Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2020. We are delighted to have once again been recognised by the industry.

Mr. Jeffrey Ling, Regional Director, said, “As the only Irish developer that offers investors one-stop Ireland immigration services, Bartra Wealth Advisors attaches great importance to the development of service quality, project safety and brand image. We are grateful to be recognised by Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards for our efforts in the past year, and we will keep it up in the future.”

Established in 2009, the Quamnet Outstanding Enterprise Awards aims to identify and recognise enterprises that excel in the Awards’ eight evaluation criteria, which include exceptional products and services, brand reputation, philosophy of operation, marketing strategies, sustainable development strategies, accomplishments, corporate social responsibility and unique business philosophy or development. The Awards is widely supported by investors, the media and the industry.

Watch an exclusive interview with Jeffrey Ling, to understand what makes Bartra’s services stand out (in Cantonese):

As the only Irish developer with a physical office in Hong Kong, Bartra Wealth Advisors prides itself on delivering streamlined, in-group, end-to-end Ireland investment immigration services. To date we have helped more than 300 families immigrate to Ireland. Compared to other European immigration programmes, our investment programme offers a 100% repayment guarantee and an exit strategy that is simple and straightforward without any of the hassle related to liquidation or concerns around market performance. In addition, Bartra has successfully maintained a 100% success and renewal rate.

Keen to learn more about immigrating to Ireland, one of the world’s most enticing destinations, with the expertise of a best-in-class Irish developer? Or looking to obtain Irish residency without moving? Contact us today.

Hong Kong’s Most Outstanding Enterprise Awards 2020 – Bartra Wins Most Trusted Immigration Investment Services Award

Bartra is delighted to have once again been recognised by the industry at CORPHUB’s Most Outstanding Enterprise Awards in Hong Kong. Following our success at last year’s ceremony where we took home four awards, this year we were named Most Trusted Immigration Investment Services by the prestigious professional platform, which seeks to highlight enterprises on the rise and celebrate their achievements in various sectors.

At Bartra, we strongly believe that what makes us successful is our business model. As the only Irish developer with a physical office in Hong Kong that offers investors direct investments into our safe, transparent, fixed asset projects, along with the opportunity to gain Irish residency, we are the leading IIP provider and the strongest player in the market.

We pride ourselves on our 100% success and renewal rate, our robust projects in qualifying Social Housing and Nursing Homes projects, and our unmatched expertise in the IIP. Compared to other European immigration programmes, our Social Housing project offers a 100% repayment guarantee and the exit strategy is simple and straightforward without any of the hassle related to liquidation or concerns around market performance. Investors in our Nursing Homes projects enjoy the same simple and straightforward exit strategy, and receive a 20% return (4% interest each year) upon exit of the  Euro1 million, five-year investment on top of obtaining Irish residency. This ensures that our IIP is not only cost-free but includes an excellent return which investors can put towards a property purchase or their children’s education. The safety of the investment coupled with the excellent return makes the IIP one of the most attractive investment migration programmes in the world.

To find out what makes Bartra’s business successful, watch the exclusive interview with our Regional Manager, Jeffrey Ling, below (in Cantonese).

Or read the interview here.

Keen to learn more about beginning your immigration journey to one of the world’s most enticing destinations – Ireland with the expertise of a best-in-class Irish developer? Contact us today!

2020 Review: Recognising Accomplishments in an Unprecedented Year

2020 has been a challenging year. It has forced people to adapt to a new reality. But at Bartra, we remain optimistic. We have seen our teams thrive on change. And our ever-present desire and drive to share ideas, to collaborate, create and innovate, and to continue making progress, is undeniable. This year has not altered our fundamental belief that great investments require three things: great locations, great people, and the right opportunities. Bartra prides itself on consistently delivering all three for clients and investors and we are grateful that we have been able to help many of our clients achieve their goals, while also being recognised by the industry for our efforts.

As another year comes to a close and we look to the year ahead, we would like to share some of our achievements and to thank everyone – clients, business partners and our staff – for contributing to our strength and success.


  • 2 IIP project completions (Northwood, Beaumont)
  • Close to 100 IIP applications
  • 4 awards

A little throwback to Bartra’s highlights from the last 12 months.




“I am proud that the ISIF has invested in our business. This is testament to both the quality of Bartra’s projects and the expertise of the personnel putting those projects together. Our development projects support local housing requirements: co-living projects offer accommodation for young professionals; nursing homes provide critically needed care for the elderly and vulnerable; social housing caters to those on housing lists. As the investment immigration arm of Bartra Group, with offices in Hong Kong and multiple cities across Mainland China, Bartra Wealth Advisors has seen increased demand for investment in the social housing and healthcare sectors, with international investors keen to acquire these government-backed asset types. We offer investors direct access to our social housing and nursing home projects, which are good, safe investment opportunities that support the local community and are also IIP-qualifying for obtaining Irish residency.”

James Hartshorn, CEO and Co-founder of Bartra Wealth Advisors.


Northwood Nursing Home

  • Northwood Phase II, Bartra’s Nursing Home project, completed on time and within budget.
  • The year’s first batch of Stamp 4 visas arrived on 14 February as a Valentine’s Day gift for our clients.

March / April


Healthcare CEO

  • Declan Carlyle was appointed CEO of Bartra Healthcare.
  • Bartra received renewal approvals for applicants from January and February, with a 100% success rate.
  • Clients who invested in our Social Housing project phase II and received pre-approval in April were granted Stamp 4 visas.

June / July

Poplar Row

August / September 



  • Bartra held its first press conference in Hong Kong, which saw more than 30 news platforms report on Bartra over two days.
  • Jeffrey Ling, Hong Kong Regional Manager, was featured on Apple Daily’s news and video platforms, and hosted a webinar with a tax partner to discuss Ireland immigration.
  • Bartra won Uglobal Immigration Magazine’s Top 25 Developers Award.
  • Bartra received 50 applications from Hong Kong clients.




  • Bartra Homes launched a new luxury residential project, Glensavage, Blackrock, comprised of 8 contemporary homes and 14 apartments.
  • Bartra secured planning permission for our €25 million co-living scheme on Merrion Road.
  • Bartra was named Innovator of the Year – Real Estate at the HKB Management Excellence Awards.

In the past year, Ireland has ranked among the best-performing economies in the western world, with GDP growth of 3.4% (ESRI). Looking ahead, export-driven growth of 5.3% in 2021 is forecast (Ibec).

With regard to the IIP, we believe that interest in the programme will steadily increase as businesses and affluent individuals recognise the personal and professional advantages of maintaining a foothold in Europe. We foresee strong demand from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and the UAE, as well as interest from South Africa, Canada and the UK.

As a company, we are excited to welcome 2021 and will continue to deliver our world-class services and products to investors and clients. In the spirit of the tagline of our Immigration Insight video seriesJoy of Living – we’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a joyous, prosperous and healthy New Year!

Bartra Wealth Advisors was awarded the Supreme Brand Award 2020

Bartra Wealth Advisors has won the Supreme Brand of Overseas Investment & Immigration Consultant Firm Award 2020, organised by CAPITAL CEO X Entrepreneur. The awards ceremony took place on 27th November at Island Shangri-La Hong Kong.

Mr. Jeffrey Ling, Regional Manager shared, “Thank you CAPITAL for the award. We are honored and grateful to have the industry recognition for our brand and service, and have the opportunity to participate in this awards ceremony with all the award-winning companies on the stage.

Throwback to about the same time last year when we were literally starting our business in Hong Kong (August 2019), although we are one of the largest, leading developers in Ireland who are also the only developer can provide Hong Kongers with direct Ireland investment immigration services, to deliver great businesses results in just one-year time it wasn’t easy, coupled with the challenging global economic environment and the pandemic’s impacts.

Thankfully, our real estate investment projects are safe with a simple investment process. We have a transparent and open investment environment, a great team of dedicated professionals, plus having the advantage of the growing economy in Ireland in recent years and its more important place amongst the nations of the world, this year’s achievement is remarkable.”

He added, “We are thrilled to win the brand award. There’s a tremendous amount of effort required behind a successful brand, from products to services. It requires everyone to have the same belief, be insistent and persistent. Every time when we hear clients thank us for our help, have their trust and their recognition of our products and services, our energy and confidence are increased.

Thanks again to everyone and the award, we will continue to strive to be better!”

CAPITAL award 2020 -01

Upper left corner picture, from left to right: Regional Manager Jeffrey Ling, Sales Manager Tanya Wong, Marketing Director Jay Cheung and Business Development Manager Alan Lau. Lower left corner picture: Regional Manager Jeffrey Ling was receiving the award from Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Directors Mr. Edmund K H Leung.

Bartra Wealth Advisors Ltd is a subsidiary company within the Bartra Capital Ltd Group of companies. As the immigration arm of Ireland’s most successful real estate developer Bartra Capital, Bartra Wealth Advisors provides investors direct access to high-quality Nursing Home and Social Housing projects as the preferred investment options designated by the Irish government for the Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP). With a well-established business, extensive Irish immigration experience, expertise in real estate investments, professional landing teams and strong business network support, Bartra Group has helped hundreds of families successfully immigrate to Ireland.

Bartra Wealth Advisors prides itself on delivering streamlined, in-group, end-to-end services. Its unique business model supports clients throughout their investment and immigration journey, from immigration advisory and government backed IIP projects through to successful investment exits. It maintains a 100% application approval rate as well as 100% renewal rate.